I received an e-mail invoice, what should I do?

Isolta’s e-mail service is a service, provided by Isolta Ltd, that allows our users to send their invoices directly to the recipient’s e-mail.

The incoming e-mail

The incoming e-mail includes basic information about the invoice, such as sender, recipient and contents of the invoice. Payment and bank details can be found in the original invoice, which you can open by clicking on the link in the message.

Through a secure connection (HTTPS), the link will open a page where you can see the original invoice, download it in PDF form and save / print it for yourself.

Opening the original invoice

The link in the message allows you to open the original invoice, and a unique page will open through a secure connection (HTTPS).

This page can only be accessed through the link in the message, and the link will be valid for 90 days after the day of the arrival of the message, so save or print out a copy for yourself.

Do you also send invoices?

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