Guide for invoicing and economic management

We wish that your journey as an entrepreneur is not as difficult as it was for us when we started. This guide will give you a good overview about marketing, sales and financial management. We have learned a lot from 15 years of cooperation with tens of thousands starting businesses.

In this guide we will share best tips about entrepreneurship and also interviews with experts.

Productization and marketing

Productization will answer the question “What are my customers buying from me?”. A clear product not only makes it easier for the customer to buy, it also makes your sales effort more efficient. But how to make a clear productization? Marketing is all the planned and unplanned activities that introduce you and your product to new people. How to design marketing?


One could think that finding customers is harder than it actually is. You should provide solutions to your customers who will then sell it to the potential customers. But where to find your first customers? Be humble and make it easy for yourself. Approach friends, family and other people you know. Start by delivering more than you promised.

Customer Relationships

How do you know how much your customers trust you? Surely they would not buy from you if they didn’t trust you enough. The more valuable and vital your product or service is for your customer, the more they need to trust you. Whenever the required level of trust is met, a purchase decision is made. This holds true for every purchase.


An invoice (or bill) is simply a document used to ask the customer for money for a product or service that has been provided. However, invoicing must take account of customer experience, the requirements of the tax authorities, and your own business’s need to ensure that you get the money owed to you. Invoices at the same time form the basis for accounting. Any invoicing software should help with all of this.

Economic management

For an entrepreneur, money is like the air you breathe or water that rains to your bank account to feed your growth. A seller’s sales receivable is a buyer’s purchase debt/ accounts payable.


You should pick five things to follow daily and weekly in your business operations. Every entrepreneur has an accounting obligation defined by law. In other words, every entrepreneur is responsible for arranging the accounting of the firm. If you did not know, now you do.